Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mission 32

In 2 days I'm turning 32. 32 was the first age that I knew how old my dad was; in a way, he'll always be 32. I look at how together my parents were at that time, with two kids, and a house. I don't feel as with it as they were. I still fell like I'm 20-somethings, still trying to shed that college slackerishness. I'm married. I have a house. It is not what I want it to be. It's cluttery and mish-mash and dirty. Not filthy dirty (except the damn upstairs shower stall) but not clean, either. I want that to change.

My mom cooked dinner almost every night. I cook....occasionally. I like to cook, but it's just easier to buy out or "scavange" or eat frozen meals. That's not good. That needs to change as well.

That's why I made this blog. My mission for my 32nd year is to get my life in order and start shaping the home life I want to have. I have to remember to take before and after pictures, too. Today (starting 2 days early, but it's the weekend) I started decluttering and rearranging Leah's room. I'm making a spot of my own there, for my knitting and crafts, akin to Dave's train area. I cleaned out the zone of darkness and opened up a world of storage space (not that I want to fill it up with stuff!) I have two boxes of trash. I have a new shelf up for supplies, and moved the couchbed to the window nook. I've started an ongoing list at tada lists so I can track what I've done and what I need to do, because man, you think you're done with something and you realize there's still a bunch of crap under the dresser. :\

So, yes. Mission 32. Get myself the life I've wanted but was too lazy to work for.