Saturday, January 10, 2009

A new stab at the new start

Okay, so the first week back to work pretty much blew. I managed to keep up with about a quarter of the house stuff. Of course, the problem was compounded by starting the psych class and the dreaded dr. appointment smack in the middle of the week. But today is Saturday. It's supposed to snow (though I seriously doubt that) and we're staying in today. I've slept in, lazed around, surfed the net, got inspired by pictures, and am now ready to move to the next step.


I do make a lot of lists, but I'm getting better at using them and making them work. A lot of credit goes to Mark Forster and his various approaches. Do it tomorrow works great for me at work, and although I haven't really investigated or tried his new one, I think it might work well as a home system.

So. Let the listmaking begin!

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