Sunday, January 4, 2009

New year, new plans

Well, I did it. I had the house in order to my satisfaction before the start of the new year. Yes, there's a few areas that didn't get done. The upstairs bathroom is still a problem area, as is the dormer in the dressing room. I still say that if the dressing room had more light it would be a far better place. Why are there no ceiling lights in there?!

I'm sort of in a stuck place now. I have the momentum to keep going, but there's not much else that's easy to do and declutter. So it's on to the next thing. Decorating. I balk a that because I'm bad at it, and because I never finish it. It's just so overwhelming and time consuming. I was thinking of devoting a month to each room--that would give me a timeframe to finish things by. Also, when I got tired of working I could start planning for the next month but not allow myself to work on it. IDK. I have to think on it a little more. Write by hand. Stuff like that.

I just wrote and deleted "Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow." I had been looking forward to it, but at the moment I'm not. I'm getting pretty useless here though, so a change will be good, right? I'm just going to be so dead tomorrow now that I have a two week habit of getting up at 10. It was orignially 8, but quickly jumped to 9, and over the past three days has extended to 10. But tomorrow will be 6:30.

I half want to actually get up at 6:20 or 6:30 so I can have my little time in my nook, sipping coffee or hot lemon water and checking my blogs. But the other half wants to sleep.

Ah! I also started the idea of starting a new habit each month. I have to think what those will be too. This month's is to wash my face before bed.

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