Thursday, February 5, 2009


I find I'm having a hard time integrating the big picture and the little steps to get there. I'm kicking myself for not keeping a budget for last year. I might actually have to go back through the bills and input everything just because I have nothing to compare it to now.

I'm impatient. I don't want to wait for a year, or even a few months to pass, to have a baseline.

I don't know whether I should revise my ING account to reflect all my irregular expenses and move that money out of our regular account. It's nice to have it right there at the bank, you know? But then it will be really saved up if it's in the ING account.

I have all kinds of ideas for the house, but implementation is tricky. Dave won't want to do it, but he'll feel obligated to help if he's home, or he'll say something can't/shouldn't be done. I want to do it anyway. I need to get him out of the house.

First I need to make step by step plans and supply lists so I can have it all together. Yes. That's the first step.

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