Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pictures of...

Stuff I got recently.
Short bangs!

New living room! Well, not really new. But rearranged and with furniture moved in from other parts of the house. This is just the thing that the Nester was talking about in 10 minutes to a room you'll love. Because, man, do we love this room now!

Below are before and afters. Please ignore the messes in the befores! I'd been sick and didn't feel like cleaning, plus I just got back from the store. Also, ignore the wallpaper border. It came with the house and has mondo-uber-impenetrable glue, so we just left it up. I wish we hadn't now, but oh well.






It's a lot cozier now. I liked the openness of it before, but it was hard if we had people over. It was like someone was always banished to the chair on the other side of the room. I love having the books in there now. Dave totally loves it; of course I didn't allow him to come up from the basement until I was done with everything. Um, the rug doesn't clash with the walls as much as it looks like in the pics.

It took a bit more than 10 minutes, because I had some major dust bunnies to attack and I had to take all those books off the shelves and then put them back on. But I can pretty much say...


Rachel said...

Very cozy and nice. Good work!

Jen said...

Yep, looks much better. Hope you enjoy it!

june@craftyniche said...

So nice and cozy! Rearranging the furniture around as much fun as buying stuff, lol!

auction girl vintage said...

Nice job, Dyann ... pulling the furniture away from the walls really gives it an intimate feeling, and it also provides privacy at your desk!

Victoria :o)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how rearranging can totally change a room!! Great job & love your paint job on your walls :-)

Audrey@ A Gathering Place

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. It does look like a totally different space with the chairs moved closer together. Very nice.