Sunday, December 7, 2008

continuing with closets

I did the hall closet yesterday. One kitchen sized trash bag of junk, one gallon of cat hair into the vacuum, and a bunch of reorganizing, and tada! It looks lovely. I do admit that I didn't do anything with the very top shelf, even though most of that could be thrown out, maybe. But it's unreachable, and my hips have had enough of standing on chairs. Plus I didn't really need the space for anything (for now), so it can stay as is.

I'm down to 13 things on the decluttering list at my tada lists. 12 things done. One more and I tip the scales in favor of organization.

I have met the enemy, though, and it is So many projects I want to do! So many pretty yarns and fabrics! But get things in order first, and don't forget about studying Japanese, either. You can do this, and do it right. Ganbare yo.

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