Friday, December 5, 2008

The 7 year closet situation

Well, I didn't get done with everything yesterday. The downstairs closet took longer than I thought it might, and I was zonky after my massage so I didn't feel like doing the things I had planned for the evening (Christmas cards and Inventorying stuff for Goodwill)

However, here are the before and afters for the closet. 7 years of stuff decluttered = 2 overstuffed trashbags, more stuff for goodwill, and a whole lotta shelf space.



I also decided that I was jealous of Dave's train space in the basement, and I needed a spot of my own for my knitting and crafting. I hijacked a portion of Leah's room (she's hardly here anymore, and I don't remember the last time she stayed overnight. Oh, yes I do. It was the night before we left for Japan.)

My pretty spot where I can hermitize all I want <33333

The two Rilakkuma bears in sleeping bags were my birthday present to myself. ^___^

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