Monday, December 15, 2008

Facing the DOOM

I hate my upstairs bathroom. We're going to redo it, but it's such a wreck now that I hate to even have someone come in and see it. It gets this serious fuzzy dust over everything in no time at all. What is that shit? Dust and powder and hair and dead skin. It's nasty as hell. Fortunately, I have my mother's awesome vacuum, and that sucked up the bulk of it. The swiffer took care of most of the rest of it, and then I used an old washcloth to wipe everything else down. SO GROSS.

I'm pretty psyched to get to the point where it's all maintenence. I'm down to 9 things on the decluttering list:
under my dresser
sink drawers/under sink
under leah's dresser
cubby 1 in leah's room
cubby 2 in leah's room
under stairs in basement
dressing room cubby
thing that daddy made me
top of fridge

The cubbies aren't crucial; they're mostly attic-like, so there's not much to throw out of them. I do want to round up all the bills and stuff and get them in one box with this year's stuff to destroy in ten years. Under the dressers definitely need to be done, and the sink in the bathroom fer shure. I'm going to do under the stairs one day next week when Dave's gone as a Christmas suprise for him. The thing that daddy made me and the top of the fridge will take all of 10 mintues, so I'll get them done this week.

I also want to try to paint at least the Kitchen next week, and maybe the front room. That might be a bit ambitious though.

After the house is in order, it's on to the body! I'm starting to crave yoga. :D

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