Thursday, December 18, 2008

Despite not actually finishing up some things as quickly as I wanted (as in not doing as many things a night as I wanted to) I am still making good progress. Yesterday I moved an endtable up the the bathroom and put a shelf in it to hold the toilet paper/cleaner stuff/paraffin bath, so that's all neat and tidy. Or will be once I get the cleaning stuff orgainzed. Yes, the drawer is still filled with computer stuff, and I should probably clear that out and put bathroom related stuffs in there, but that will be when I do the under-the-sink drawers, which is the very last thing on my list because I'm dreading it so.

I also did under Leah's dresser, earning me another shoebox worth of trash, a big locking plastic bin (yay!!). I was able to hook the old DVD player up to my 13 inch tv from DuBois, mostly because I was able to find the cables to do so since I cleaned and organized the downstairs closet. See how this is all coming together?? :DDD So that means that once I take the piles of stuff to Goodwill I will be able to have a room of my own. I can exercise there, watch movies while I sit in the rocker and knit, write letters.... I'm pretty happy.

I did inventory all the stuff I'm taking to goodwill. Almost 100 items totalling over $1000 for tax deduction purposes. I really don't want to pay taxes again this year. Oooh, but wait! I bet we lost some money we have invested, so that will be a deduction. How sad is it that I'm seeing that as a positive thing? I don't care if we lost; I'm about ready to pull that money out of the investments and put it back into savings or into CDs or something. I hate it. I'm too old-fashioned and lacksadasical for investing. I'd rather have it right there at my fingertips and know how much I have and have it secure.

ALSO. I spent a good deal of time last night cutting sodden carpet out of the basement, because it resaturated all the cat-pee areas and was stinking up the whole house. It was gross. Seriously gross. Now that's forcing my hand to declutter under the stairs because I have to get rid of carpet from that area as well. I hate to have my hand forced.

I can't decide whether it's better for me to try to plan out the two weeks I'm off as far as what I'm gong to do each day, or if I should just keep my lists and chunk away at them. The problem is, once I start failing at a planned out to-do list, I just throw in the towel. So... maybe a rough draft so can get it in my head what I want to accomplish, but not a real list. Gah. I'm just doing all this because I don't feel like doing work-work right now. It's 9:00. Let's organize the desk, see what real work I have to do, and then plan for the time off, kay?


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